国立大学法人熊本大学 国際先端研究拠点



[2021年度 採択者 1名]

松尾 和哉 ゲノム神経学分野 研究員 採択:採択:2021-2023年度

研究テーマ:The pathogenic mechanism of multiple system atrophy by RNA phase transition

主な業績:1. Matsuo K., Kawahata I., Melki R., Bousset L., Owada Y., Fukunaga K. Suppression of α-synuclein propagation after intrastriatal injection in FABP3 null mice. Brain Res. 1760:147383. (2021)

2. Matsuo K., Yabuki Y., Melki R., Bousset L., Owada Y., Fukunaga K. Crucial Role of FABP3 in αSyn-Induced Reduction of Septal GABAergic Neurons and Cognitive Decline in Mice. Int J Mol Sci. 22(1):400. (2021)



[2020年度 採択者 2名]

矢吹 悌 ゲノム神経学分野 助教 採択:2020-2022年度

研究テーマ:Analysis of in vivo α-Synuclein dynamics using optogenetic system

主な業績 : 1. Yabuki Y., Matsuo K., Kawahata I., Fukui N., Mizobata T., Kawata Y., Owada Y., Shioda N. & Fukunaga K. Fatty Acid Binding Protein 3 Enhances the Spreading and Toxicity of α-Synuclein in Mouse Brain. Int J Mol Sci. 21(6), 2020.

2. Yabuki Y., Wu L. & Fukunaga K. Cognitive enhancer ST101 improves schizophrenia-like behaviors in neonatal ventral hippocampus-lesioned rats in association with improved CaMKII/PKC pathway. J Pharmacol Sci. 140(3):263-272, 2019.

3. Yabuki Y, Matsuo K, Yu M, Xu J, Sakimura K, Shioda N, and Fukunaga K. Cav3.1 T-type calcium channel is critical for cell proliferation and survival in newly generated cells of the adult hippocampus. Acta Physiol. e13613, 2021.


井上 みゆき 細胞医学分野 研究員 採択:2020-2022年度

研究テーマ:Analysis of epigenetic regulation in fibrosis development of eye tissues

主な業績 : 1. Inoue-Mochita M, Inoue T, Kojima S, Futakuchi A, Fujimoto T, Sato-Ohira S, Tsutsumi U, Tanihara H. Interleukin-6-mediated trans-signaling inhibits transforming growth factor-β signaling in trabecular meshwork cells. J Biolo chem., 293(28) 10975 – 10984, 2018

2. Inoue-Mochita M, Inoue T, Fujimoto T, Kameda T, Awai-Kasaoka N, Ohtsu N, Kimoto K, Tanihara H. p38 MAP kinase inhibitor suppresses transforming growth factor-β2-induced type 1 collagen production in trabecular meshwork cells.  PloS one 10(3) e0120774, 2015

3. 第118回 日本眼科学会(東京)  2014年4月(口頭発表)

4. Fujimoto T, Inoue-Mochita M, Iraha S, Tanihara H, Inoue T. J Biol Chem., 297(3):101070. 2021.

Suberoylanilide hydroxamic acid (SAHA) inhibits transforming growth factor-beta 2-induced increases in aqueous humor outflow resistance




[2019年度 採択者 2名]

衛藤 貫 細胞医学分野 研究員 採択:2019-2021年度

研究テーマ:Molecular analysis of organelle remodeling that coordinates cellular senescence

主な業績 : 1. Etoh, K. & Fukuda, M. Structure-function analyses of the small GTPase Rab35 and its effector protein centaurin-β2/ACAP2 during neurite outgrowth of PC12 cells. J. Biol. Chem. 290:9064-9074, 2015

2. Etoh, K. & Fukuda, M. Rab10 regulates tubular endosome formation through KIF13A/B motors. J. Cell. Sci., jcs.226977, 2019


朝光 世煌 ゲノム神経学分野 研究員 採択:2019-2021年度

研究テーマ:Genome-wide mapping of regulative G-quadruplex structures involved in cell development and differentiation

主な業績 : 1. Asamitsu S, Obata S, Phan AT, Hashiya K, Bando T, Sugiyama H Simultaneous Binding of Hybrid Molecules Constructed with Dual DNA-Binding Components to a G-Quadruplex and Its Proximal Duplex.

Chem. Eur. J., 24(17):4428-4435, 2018.

2. Asamitsu S, Takeuchi M, Ikenoshita S, Imai Y, Kashiwagi H, Shioda N.

Perspectives for Applying G-Quadruplex Structures in Neurobiology and Neuropharmacology.  Int.J. Mol. Sci., 20(12):2884, 2019.

3. Asamitsu S, Yabuki Y, Ikenoshita S, Kawakubo K, Kawasaki M, Usuki S, Nakayama Y, Adachi K, Kugoh H, Ishii K, Matsuura T, Nanba E, Sugiyama H, Fukunaga K, and Shioda N. CGG repeat RNA G-quadruplexes interact with FMRpolyG to cause neuronal dysfunction in fragile X-related tremor/ataxia syndrome. Science Advances 7:eabd9440, 2021.



[2018年度 採択者 1名]
・井形 朋香   細胞医学分野   研究員   採択:2018-2020年度
研究テーマ:Elucidation of the Crosstalk between Epigenetic Regulation and Energy Metabolism in Cellular Senescence
主な業績: 1. Tanaka H, Takebayashi S, Sakamoto A, Igata T, Nakatsu Y, Saitoh N,
Hino S, Nakao M. The SETD8/PR-Set7 methyltransferase functions as a barrier to prevent senescence-associated metabolic remodeling. Cell Reports, 18(9):2148-2161,
2. Takebayashi S, Tanaka H, Hino S, Nakatsu Y, Igata T, Sakamoto A,
Narita M, Nakao M. Retinoblastoma protein promotes oxidative phosphorylation through up-regulation of glycolytic genes in oncogene-induced senescent cells. Aging Cell, 14(4):689-97, 2015


[2017年度 採択者 2名]
・古賀 友紹   細胞医学分野   助教   採択:2017-2019年度
研究テーマ:Epigenetic and Lipidomic analysis of Inflammation Memory
主な業績:Ichiki T, Koga T*, et al. Modulation of leukotriene B4 receptor 1 signaling by receptor for advanced glycation end products, RAGE. FASEB J., 30(5):1811-1822, 2016. (*: Corresponding author) Shigematsu M, Koga T, et al. Leukotriene B4 receptor type 2 protects against pneumolysin-dependent acute lung injury. Sci Rep., 6:34560, 2016.
Koga T, et al. Endoplasmic Reticulum stress increases Sirtuin 1 expression via the PI3K-Akt-GSK3beta signaling pathway and promotes hepatocellular injury. J Biol Chem., 290(51):30366-30374, 2015.
第35回 日本炎症・再生医学会 シンポジウム8「Lipid Immunology 」招待講演 「ロイコトリエンB4第一受容体BLT1は新規樹状細胞サブセットのマーカー分子となるか?」(2014年7月、沖縄)


・増田 豪  微生物薬学  助教  採択:2017-2019年度
研究テーマ:Development of culture systems for hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell
主な業績:Masuda T, Development of MS-compatible subcellular fractionation protocol and application to large-scale identification of phosphorylation sites regulating protein subcellular localizations, The 3rd International Seminar of Natural Product, Indonesia, 2017. (Oral,
Masuda T, Wang X, Maeda M, Canver MC, Sher F, Funnell AP, Fisher C, Suciu M, Martyn GE, Norton LJ, Zhu C, Kurita R, Nakamura Y, Xu J, Higgs DR, Crossley M, Bauer DE, Orkin SH, Kharchenko PV, Maeda T, The LRF/ZBTB7A transcription factor is a BCL11A-independent repressor of fetal hemoglobin, Science, 351, 6270, 285-289, 2016.



[2016年度 採択者 3名]

・谷川 俊祐  発生医学研究所 腎臓発生分野 助教   採択:2016-2018年度
研究テーマ:Generation of in vitro niche for human iPS-derived kidney nephron progenitor cell expansion
主な業績: Tanigawa S, Taguchi A, Sharma N, Perantoni AO, Nishinakamura R. Selective In Vitro Propagation of Nephron Progenitors Derived from Embryos and Pluripotent Stem Cells. Cell Rep, 15:801-813, 2016
Tanigawa S, Sharma N, Hall MD, Nishinakamura R and Perantoni AO. Preferential Propagation of Competent SIX2+ Nephronic Progenitors by LIF/ROCKi Treatment of the Metanephric Mesenchyme. Stem Cell Reports, 5:435-437, 2015
第38回日本分子生物学会年会 口頭発表(Dec 1-4, 2015、神戸)


・Suico Mary Ann  Department of Molecular Medicine, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences; Assistant Professor   採択:2016-2018年度

Research Theme: Search for treatment of Alport Syndrome using mouse model and human iPS
Selected Publication and Presentations :
Fukuda R, Suico MA, et al. Podocyte p53 Limits the Severity of Experimental Alport Syndrome. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2016 Jan;27(1):144-57.
89th Annual Meeting of Japanese Pharmacological Society (2016.3.9-11) Pacifico Yokohama, Japan “Sirt1 is up-regulated by ER stress via the PI3K-Akt-Gsk3β(ベータ) pathway and mediates ER stress-induced hepatocellular injury” Suico, MA (Oral presentation)
88th Annual Meeting of Japanese Pharmacological Society (2015.3.18-20) Nagoya Congress Center “Podocyte p53 limits the severity of Alport syndrome” Suico, MA (Oral presentation)


・山根 万里子 発生医学研究所 多能性幹細胞分野 ポスドク研究員  採択:2016-2018年度
研究テーマ:How does Zscan10 confer the transgene activity introduced by the exogeneous DNA transposon system?
主な業績:Yamane M, Fujii S, Ohtsuka S, Niwa H: Zscan10 is dispensable for maintenance of pluripotency in mouse embryonic stem cells. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 25;468(4):826-31, 2015.
Fujii S, Nishikawa-Torikai S, Futatsugi Y, Toyooka Y, Yamane M, Ohtsuka S, Niwa H.: Nr0b1 is a negative regulator of Zscan4c in mouse embryonic stem cells. Sci Rep 16;5:9146, 2015.


・伊藤 尚文  生命科学研究部 神経分化学分野 ポスドク研究員  採択:2015-2017年度

研究テーマ:Molecular mechanism of ribosome for the acquisition of multipotency.
主な業績:Ito N and Ohta K:Reprogramming of human somatic cells by bacteria.Development,Growth & Differentiation 57:305-312,2015.
第36回日本分子生物学会 口頭発表(Nov 25-27,2014,横浜)
第13回幹細胞シンポジウム 口頭発表(May 28-29,2015,東京)
第48回日本発生生物学会大会(APDBN共催) 口頭発表(June 2 – 5, 2015,筑波)

第14回 幹細胞シンポジウム. 淡路夢舞台国際会議場. 兵庫県淡路市. ( 2016.5.20-5.21 )
第4回Ribosome Meeting.大阪医科大学.大阪府高槻市. ( 2016.9.17- 9.18 )
第39回日本分子生物学.パシフィコ横浜 . 横浜市. (2016.12.1)

先端モデル動物支援プラットフォーム.7. 滋賀県大津市( 2017.2.6 – 2.7) Joint Meeting of the German and Japanese Societiesof Developmental Biologists. University of Kiel. Germany (ドイツ,キール). ( 2017.3.15- 3.18 )
第50回 日本発生生物学会年会 東京都江戸川区 タワーホール舟堀.(2017.5.10-13)


・太口 敦博  発生医学研究所 腎臓発生分野 助教  採択:2014-2016年度

研究テーマ:Generation of 3D kidney organoid by reconstituting the stem cell niche
主な業績:Taguchi A, Kaku Y, Ohmori T, Sharmin S, Ogawa M, Sasaki H, and Nishinakamura R. Redefining the in vivo origin of metanephric nephron progenitors enables generation of complex kidney structures from pluripotent stem cells. Cell Stem Cell 14: 53-67, 2014.
Taguchi A and Nishinakamura R. Nephron reconstitution from pluripotent stem cells. Kidney Int. 87: 894-900, 2015.

Sharmin S#, Taguchi A#, Kaku Y, Yoshimura Y, Ohmori T, Sakuma T, Mukoyama M, Yamamoto T, Kurihara H, Nishinakamura R. Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell–Derived Podocytes Mature into Vascularized Glomeruli upon Experimental Transplantation. J. Am. Soc. Nephrol. 2015 Nov 19. [Epub ahead of print] (#: Equal contribution)
国際幹細胞学会(ISSCR)口頭発表及びtravel award (Jun 19, 2014, Vancouver)、
Key Forum: From Stem Cells to Organs 口頭発表(Sep 4-5, 2014, 熊本)

第15回日本再生医療学会総会 シンポジウム(Mar 19, 2016, 大阪)


・伊藤 慎悟  生命科学研究部 微生物薬学分野 助教  採択:2013-2015年度

研究テーマ:Effect and mechanism of insulin resistance on changes in blood–brain barrier function
主な業績:Ito S, Matsumiya K, Ohtsuki S, Kamiie J, Terasaki T:Contributions of degradation and brain-to-blood elimination across the blood-brain barrier to cerebral clearance of human amyloid-beta peptide(1-40) in mouse brain. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab 33:1770-7, 2013.
Ito S, Ohtsuki S, Murata S, Katsukura Y, Suzuki H, Funaki M, Tachikawa M, Teriyaki T: Involvement of insulin-degrading enzyme in insulin- and atrial natriuretic peptide-sensitive internalization of amyloid-beta peptide in mouse brain capillary endothelial cells. J Alzheimers Dis 38:185-200, 2014.


・岩尾 圭一郎  生命科学研究部 眼科学分野 助教  採択:2013-2015年度
研究テーマ:Promoting Axon Regeneration of iPS-derived Retinal Ganglion Cells
主な業績:Iwao K, Inatani M, Seto T, Takihara Y, Ogata-Iwao M, Okinami S, Tanihara H. Long-term outcomes and prognostic factors for trabeculectomy with mitomycin C in eyes with uveitic glaucoma: a retrospective cohort study. Journal of Glaucoma 23: 88-94, 2014.


・平山 未央  生命科学研究部 微生物薬学分野 助教  採択:2013-2015年度
研究テーマ:Identification of pathogenesis signaling network in schizophrenia by quantitative targeted proteomics
主な業績:Kobayashi D, Hirayama M, Komohara Y, Mizuguchi S, Wilson Morifuji M, Ihn H, Takeya M, Kuramochi A, Araki N. Translationally controlled tumor protein is a novel biological target for neurofibromatosis type 1-associated tumors. J Biol Chem 289(38):26314-26, 2014.
Ohtsuki S, Hirayama M, Ito S, Uchida Y, Tachikawa M, Terasaki T. Quantitative targeted proteomics for understanding the blood-brain barrier: towards pharmacoproteomics. Expert Rev Proteomics 11(3):303-13, 2014.


・坂野 大介  発生医学研究所 多能性幹細胞分野 助教  採択:2013-2014年度
研究テーマ:Elucidation of the mechanism by which monoamines control differentiation, maturation and function of pancreatic beta cells
主な業績:Sakano D, Shiraki N, Kikawa K, Yamazoe T, Kataoka M, Umeda K, Araki K, Mao D, Matsumoto S, Nakagata N, Andersson O, Stainier D, Endo F, Kume K,Uesugi M and Kume S. VMAT2 identified as a regulator of late-stage beta cell differentiation. Nat. Chem. Biol. 10: 141-148, 2014.
Sakano D, Shiraki N, Kume S. ‘Pancreatic differentiation from murine ES cells’ in “Human Embryonic Stem Cells, 3rd Edition” (Springer’s Protocols On Line series) (Edited by Kursad Turksen), in press
第36回日本分子生物学会年会 口頭発表(Dec 4, 2013, 兵庫)


・白木 伸明  発生医学研究所 多能性幹細胞分野 助教  採択:2013-2014年度
研究テーマ:The elucidation of the molecular mechanism of methionine metabolism breakdown induced cell death and differentiation, and its application for pancreatic differentiation
主な業績:Shiraki N, Ogaki S, Kume S*. Profiling of embryonic stem cell differentiation. Rev. Diabet. Stud11(1):102-14, 2014.
Shiraki N, Shiraki Y, Tsuyama T, Obata F, Miura M, Nagae G, Aburatani H, Kume K, Endo F, Kume S*. Methionine metabolism regulates maintenance and differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells. Cell Metab.19: 780-794, 2014.
Key Forum: From Stem Cells to Organs 口頭発表(Sep 4-5, 2014, 熊本)
第14回日本再生医療学会総会(Mar 21, 2015, 横浜)
日本薬学会第135年会シンポジウム(Mar 26, 2015, 神戸)





・Felemban Athary Abdulhaleem M  生命科学研究部 神経分化学分野 DC3 採択:2013年度
研究テーマ:Akhirin is involved in the neural stem cell regulation in the central canal of a mouse spinal cord
主な業績:Abdulhaleem M FA, Song X, Kawano R, Uezono N, Ito A, Ahmed G, Hossain M, Nakashima K, Tanaka H, and *Ohta K. Akhirin regulates the proliferation and differentiation of neural stem cells in intact and injured mouse spinal cord. Dev. Neurobiol 75:494-504, 2015.


・太口 敦博  発生医学研究所 腎臓発生分野 DC4  採択:2013年度
研究テーマ:Induction of Ureteric Bud from Pluripotent Stem cells
主な業績:Taguchi A, Kaku Y, Ohmori T, Sharmin S, Ogawa M, Sasaki H, and Nishinakamura R. Redefining the in vivo origin of metanephric nephron progenitors enables generation of complex kidney structures from pluripotent stem cells. Cell Stem Cell 14: 53-67, 2014.


・大垣 総一郎 発生医学研究所 多能性幹細胞分野 DC2 採択:2013年度
研究テーマ:The novel dogma of definitive endodermal differentiation
主な業績:Ogaki S, Shiraki N, Kume K, Kume S. Wnt and Notch signals guide embryonic stem cell differentiation into the intestinal lineages. Stem Cells 31: 1086-1096, 2013.


・Md. Asrafuzzaman Riyadh 生命科学研究部 神経分化学分野 DC4 採択:2013年度
研究テーマ:Draxin inhibits axon outgrowth and migration of precerebellar neuron
主な業績:Riyadh A, Shinmyo Y, Ohta K, and *Tanaka H. Inhibitory effects of draxin on axonal outgrowth and migration of precerebellar neurons. BBRC: 449, 169-174, 2014.