IMEG Research Internship Program

2023.02.15 ●Recruitment

IMEG Research Internship Program



Institute of Molecular Embryology and Genetics (IMEG) was initially established in 1992, as the research center of Kumamoto University for the purpose of promoting medical & life sciences. IMEG has a strong interest in developing a global collaboration and is focusing on exchange of the PhD graduate students and postdoctoral fellows affiliated with universities and institutes abroad. IMEG has provided research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate who have the interest and motivation toward the advanced medical & life science as ” IMEG Research Internship“.



  1. Undergraduate or graduate students in the field of medical & life sciences at overseas universities/ institutes.
  2. Others as recent bachelor or master course graduates who are planning to enter postgraduate programs and having received approval of eligibility by the director of the IMEG.
    Preference will be given to applicants aiming to enter the Master or PhD course at IMEG.


Period of the Research Internship

2-8 consecutive weeks depending on the host lab.


Requirement for the successful applicants

  1. Participants must obtain an appropriate health and travel insurance covering the travel period.
  2. At the conclusion of the “Research Interns” program, participants must submit a report on the research project.
  3. Participants must return their home countries soon after the completion of program.


Financial aid

IMEG provides the participants with the travel expenses and accommodation for during the internship program as the financial aid.

The participation fee for the program will be fully covered by IMEG.

1) Travel Expenses:One most economical round-trip direct flight from the current address or place of stay to Kumamoto.

2) Accommodation: All expenses paid to the dormitory recommended by IMEG for the duration of the program will be covered.


Required Application Materials & Application Process

1. Please download the application documents. “Application form & CV”.

2. A letter of recommendation from your supervisor or a professor at your university or at the organization. There is no specific format for this.

3. Please contact to the host Lab PI before submission of application forms.

4. Send attachment PDF files of the application documents and a letter of recommendation to the Administration Office by email.

5. Successful applicants will be decided through a comprehensive assessment of all submitted application materials. 

6. All applicants will receive e-mail notification of the result of assessment from the Administration Office of IMEG.


Download Application Form (MS Word 88KB)


Host Labs

Please refer to below for the research overview of IMEG research internship in each lab.

The applicants are encouraged to contact the host PI by email, and check research content before application.

PI Lab Email  (substitute @ for *)
Mitsuyoshi Nakao Department of Medical Cell Biology  mnakao* 
Kunitoshi Yamanaka Department of Molecular Cell Biology  yamanaka* 
Satoshi Tateishi Department of Cell Maintenance  tate* 
Kei-ichiro Ishiguro Department of Chromosome Biology  ishiguro* 
Norifumi Shioda  Department of Genomic Neurology  shioda* 
Hitoshi Niwa  Department of Pluripotent Stem Cell Biology  niwa* 
Minetaro Ogawa  Department of Cell Differentiation  ogawamin* 
Takumi Era  Department of Cell Modulation  tera* 
Kenji Shimamura  Department of Brain Morphogenesis  simamura* 
Ryuichi Nishinakamura Department of Kidney Development ryuichi*
Akira Nakamura Department of Germline Development akiran*
Yusuke Ono Department of Muscle Development and Regeneration ono-y*
Asako Shindo Department of Morphogenesis shindo*
Hiroaki Okae Department of Trophoblast Research okae*



After completion of the program and submission of the report, the IMEG Director will issue a certificate before returning home.


Application Dates & Deadlines

Although applications are accepted at any time and there is no deadline, the number of students accepted annually is limited (first-come, first-served).

Please note that we will consider whether or not to accept applicants depending on the status of COVID-19.




Administration Office
Institute of Molecular Embryology and Genetics (IMEG), Kumamoto University

Email: m-takamura * (substitute @ for * )