Application Guidelines for International Joint Research Program FY2023

2022.10.13 ●News

Application Guidelines for the IMEG International Joint Research Program FY2023, Kumamoto University


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The Institute of Molecular Embryology and Genetics (IMEG) of Kumamoto University shares research results, technology, analysis techniques, and related information accumulated to date with research partners as a Joint Usage/Research Center supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. We have two programs “Research/Travel Support” and “Travel Support” to support collaboration research in Japan. To further facilitate these joint activities, we are proud to announce the opening of the FY2023 International Joint Research Program. This program will provide opportunities for joint international research projects with IMEG researchers and joint use of our advanced research facilities for foreign researchers.


The following collaborations are supported:
[I] Visitors Program
Applicants/co-applicants visit IMEG and perform collaborative research.
[II] Bio-resource Program
Collaborative research is conducted using bio-resources in IMEG.


Refer to the following URL for a list of publications that have resulted from the IMEG Joint Research Program.


1.Supported Fields
The IMEG International Joint Research Program will support international collaborative research with principal investigators (host researchers) from the following IMEG departments.


A)Developmental Regulation
Department of Medical Cell Biology
Department of Molecular Cell Biology
Department of Cell Maintenance
Department of Chromosome Biology
Department of Genomic Neurology


B)Stem Cell Research
Department of Pluripotent Stem Cell Biology
Department of Cell Differentiation
Department of Cell Modulation


Department of Brain Morphogenesis
Department of Kidney Development
Department of Germline Development
Department of Muscle Development and Regeneration

Department of Morphogenesis


* Refer to the following URL for more information regarding the research of each principal investigator.


2.Supported Programs


A)[I] Visitors Program
Applicants/co-applicants visit IMEG and perform collaborative research


[Type A] International travel expenses included.
International applicants/co-applicants visit IMEG to perform collaborative research. The significance and validity of the collaboration between the applicant and the host researcher will be closely examined during the review process. The research collaboration at IMEG must be the primary purpose for the visit to Japan.


[Type B] International travel expenses supported by other resources.
When other resources support international travel to Japan for business or private purposes, domestic travel and accommodation expenses for visiting IMEG, as well as supply and analysis expenses used in IMEG will be supported. This program supports various forms of visits to IMEG including collaborative research and scientific discussions/seminars.


B)[II] Bio-resource Program

Collaborative research is conducted using bio-resources in IMEG.

A close research relationship allows an applicant to make a request of the host researcher to perform collaborative research using the bio-resources available in IMEG. In this program, it is not necessary for the applicant to visit IMEG. Significant contributions to the proposed project from both the applicant and the host researcher are essential and will be closely evaluated during the review process.


3.Application Eligibility


A)Faculty members or researchers of a university or research institution overseas as of 1 April 2023. Graduate students may not be research leaders but they can be members of the research team.


B)Applications from those who were previously supported by the IMEG Joint Research Program can be considered. Note that their previous Research Report (item 10) will be evaluated during the review process in such cases.


* For Japanese researchers abroad:
* Researchers affiliated with Kumamoto University (including visiting professors) are not eligible to apply for the IMEG International Joint Research Program.


4.Support Period
One year from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024


5.Supported Expenses


A)[I-A] Visitors Program Type-A:
Financial support up to 500,000 yen for travel, consumables, and analyses will be provided for collaborative research within the host laboratory. Consumables and analysis expenses should not go over 200,000 yen. Any costs exceeding the support limits will be charged to the host researcher.


[I-B] Visitors Program Type-B:
In principle, financial support up to 100,000 yen each for 1) domestic travel expenses and 2) the use of common facility equipment for analysis expenses is available.


B)[II] Bio-resource Program:
Financial support up to 200,000 yen for consumables and analyses will be provided for collaborative research.


* All travel expense reimbursements are based on the Travel Expense Policies of Kumamoto University.

* Reimbursements are made for joint research-related business only.

* If visitors combine personal travel with their business travel, all additional expenses on personal travel incurred are the responsibility of visitors and prior approval is required. To cover round-trip expenses, the duration of personal travel must be shorter than the duration of business travel.

* Supported expenses for consumables and analyses are limited to those used in IMEG. (Including expenses used for collaborative research by the host laboratory)


6.Application Procedures


A)Researchers wishing to conduct collaborative research should contact and consult with the host faculty of IMEG carefully about their research project, the roles of applicants and host researchers, and institutional travel and research expense policies before submitting an application. The burden of any costs for equipment use exceeding the support amount will be charged to the host researcher. Prior approval must be obtained from the host researcher before submitting the full application.


B)Please convert the application form into PDF format and submit it through the host researcher as an email attachment. Set the subject of the email to “IMEG Collaborative Research Application (APPLICANT NAME)”.


<<Documents to be Submitted>>
2023 IMEG International Joint Research Support Application Form


Form 4  (MS Word)       Form4 (PDF)
[I-A] Visitors Program Type-A (including international travel expenses)
[II] Bio-resource Program


Form 5  (MS Word)      Form5 (PDF)
[I-B] Visitors Program Type-B (not including international travel expenses)



7.Application Deadlines

1st Deadline – 27 January 2023 (Fri)
2nd Deadline – 26 May 2023 (Fri)
3rd Deadline – 1 September 2023 (Fri)

4th Deadline – 2 November 2023 (Thu)


* We will acknowledge receipt of your application by e-mail through the host researcher. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within 1 week after submitting the written application, please contact us.
* Recruitment may close when the number of adopted applications reaches the planned limit.


8.Application Submission

A)Administrative Division of Research Centers for Life Sciences
Kumamoto University
E-mail iys-senter*
(Please replace the “*” with the “@” sign.)
TEL 096-373-6637 (domestic), +81-96-373-6637 (international)
FAX 096-373-6638 (domestic), +81-96-373-6638 (international)


9.Notification of Results


A)The applicant will be informed of a decision through the host researcher after deliberation by the IMEG Management Council.


B)Please note that Information about adopted applications (name of research leader, name of affiliated organization, research subject) will be posted on the IMEG website.



10.Report Submission
A) The research leader should compile a research outcome report and submit it through the host researcher to the address in item 8 (“Application Submission”) by 12 April 2024 (Friday). The report format will be sent to the host researcher along with the application result.


11.Publication of Research Results


A)If the research leader publishes results obtained from the collaborative research during or after the support period, please submit a PDF copy of the research paper by email to the address in item 8 above.


B)Additionally, please add the following sentence to the acknowledgements section of the paper or other research output;

“Supported by the Joint Usage/Research Center for Developmental Medicine, IMEG, Kumamoto University.”


12.Handling of Intellectual Property Rights
A) Intellectual property rights of collaborative research will, in principle, belong to the institution which the research leader is affiliated. However, if intellectual contributions of IMEG faculty members or researchers are recognized, the attribution of intellectual property rights related to the collaborative research shall be determined by consultation between the research leader’s affiliated institution and IMEG.