International Research Core for Stem Cell-based Developmental Medicine
Research Project
“International Research Core for Stem Cell-based Developmental Medicine”
Encourage Project (Fiscal Year 2019)


The purpose of this project is to provide research support for talented young researchers.


2.Support Outline
This project funds research activities by young faculty/staff members who have made outstanding research proposals in the fields of stem cells, organ reconstruction, and next-generation medical care/drug discovery.



The following individuals affiliated with the Core are eligible to receive support through this project.
・Young faculty/staff members (assistant professors, specially-appointed assistant professors, or postdoctoral fellows)
Notwithstanding the above, those receiving other similar research grants (such as HIGO program) are ineligible.

Those who have already received this support can’t reapply.


4.Support Details
(1) Recipients
Young faculty/staff members

a.Amount granted: up to JPY500,000 per year
b.Grant period: up to 3 years
c.Recipients may use the grant to cover expenses for supplies necessary to conduct their research and not to cover traveling expenses.


(2) Encouragement Award
The “Encouragement Award” will be granted to recipients of support from this project.


(3) Deadline for useThe deadline for use of the fund is January 31, 2019. 
Please consult us for details.


5.Number of Applications
One individual may apply for funding for one project.


6.Number of Research Projects to Receive Funding
For fiscal 2019, funding will be made available for up to 2 researcher.


Members of the “International Research Core for Stem Cell-based Developmental Medicine” will examine research activity planning, etc. described in application documents in order to determine successful recipients.


To apply, complete the prescribed form and submit to the following contact (Ryuichi Nishinakamura) after obtaining an approval from a project supervisor as provided in 9. below.
(9 copies [1 original and 8 duplicates, A4 size, duplex printing] shall be prepared in English. E-mailed applications will not be accepted.)


Application Form(MS Word 20KB)


9.Project Supervisor
One of the members of the Core should be responsible for supervising the proposed project. Applicants are required to obtain an approval from the project supervisor at the time of application.


10.Application Deadline
Applications must arrive by not later than June 14, 2019.


11.Reporting Obligations
Individuals who have conducted research activities using research funds granted by this project must prepare a report on their research activities in paper medium (form to be provided separately) and submit to the project  office by no later than January 31, 2019.
Successful Recipients will be required to give a presentation of his/her work.


※For details of the Encourage project, please refer to link below.


Core Leader
Institute of Molecular Embryology and Genetics

Ryuichi Nishinakamura


[Project Contact/Inquiries]

Mikiko Takamura

Administration Division of Research Centers for Life Sciences
Kumamoto University
2-2-1, Honjo, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto, 860-0811, Japan
E-mail: m-takamura*   (replace * with @)