IMEG Seminar on Sep 15, 17:30- Dr.Hitoshi Sakano

2022.07.22 ●Event&Seminar




Processing of Odor Information during the Respiratory Cycle in Mice

坂野 仁 博士 (福井大学特命教授・東京大学名誉教授)
所属 福井大学医学部学術研究院


日 時: 令和4年9月15日(木)17:30~18:10
場 所: 発生医学研究所 1階カンファレンス室 + Zoom配信

In the mouse olfactory system, odor signals detected in the olfactory epithelium are converted to a topographic map of activated glomeruli in the olfactory bulb (1). The map information is then conveyed by projection neurons, mitral cells and tufted cells, to various areas in the olfactory cortex. An odor map is transmitted to the anterior olfactory nucleus by tufted cells for odor identification and recollection of associated memory for learned decisions. For instinct decisions, odor information is directly transmitted to the valence regions in the amygdala by specific subsets of mitral cells. Transmission of odor signals through these two distinct pathways, innate and learned, are closely related with exhalation and inhalation, respectively (2). Furthermore, the interoceptive and exteroceptive odor signals are differentially processed during the respiratory cycle, suggesting that these signals are processed in separate areas of the olfactory bulb and olfactory cortex (3). The recent progress will be discussed for the olfactory circuitry and processing of odor signals during respiration.


1.Mori, K. and Sakano, H.: Olfactory circuitry and behavioral decisions. Annu. Rev. Physiol. 83, 231-256 (2021).
2.Mori, K. and Sakano, H.: Processing of odor information during the respiratory cycle in mice. Front. Neural Circuits, 16, 861800 (2022).
3.Mori, K. and Sakano, H.: Neural circuitry for stress information of environmental and internal odor worlds. Front. Behav. Neurosci, 16, 943647 (2022).



1976年  京都大学大学院 理学研究科生物物理学専攻 理学博士
1976-1977年 博士研究員・カリフォルニア大学サンディエゴ校 (John Abelson)
1978-1982年 研究員・バーゼル免疫学研究所(Susumu Tonegawa)
1982-1996年 助教授、准教授を経て教授・カリフォルニア大学バークレー校
1994-2012年 教授・東京大学大学院 理学系研究科生物化学専攻
2013年 -  東京大学名誉教授、福井大学特命教授

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