IMEG Meeting of the Research Center for High Depth Omics on Jan 16, 2023

2022.12.27 ●Event&Seminar

The 1st IMEG Meeting of the Research Center for High Depth Omics





【Date & Time】Mon, January 16th, 13:00-17:00 (On line)



Yasuyuki Okawa (MIB, Kyushu Univ.) Spatial multi-omics for understanding chromatin dynamics

Ryuichi Nishinakamura (IMEG) Re-building the kidney from pluripotent stem cells

Itoshi Nikaido (MRI, Tokyo Medical and Dental Univ.) Identification of gene fusion at the single-cell level from transcriptome data

Ryuki Shimada (IMEG) RB-STRA8 interaction coordinates pre-meiotic S phase and meiotic gene activation in murine female germ cells

Daisuke Kurotaki (IRCMS) Chromatin structure reorganization during immune cell differentiation and activation

Tomohide Saio (IAMS, Tokushima Univ.) Structural insight into regulation and dysregulation of protein assembly and folding

Saori Koga (IMEG) Key regulatory factors driving hematopoietic stem cell development

Yusuke Ono (IMEG) Dll4‐Notch2 axis: an emerging therapeutic target for muscle wasting diseases


【Inquiries】 Kei-ichiro Ishiguro (ex. 6606)