International Research Core for Stem Cell-based Developmental Medicine
By Kumamoto University Research Project
“International Research Core for Stem Cell-based Developmental Medicine”




1. Travel, accommodation and participation expense
Acceptable Research Presentations


(1)The Application will be accepted if:
The Applicant’s presentation (including poster-presentation) regarding the research suites the purpose of the Kumamoto University Research Project “International Research Core for Stem Cell-based Developmental Medicine”, and will be presented at a domestic or overseas academic meeting, and the Applicant is the lead presenter; and the Notification of Acceptance or the printed/electronic title of the presentation to be applied is submitted to the office, and all the other necessary evidential documents are submitted after coming back from the presentation site concerned, and the procedures needed to execute the support are able to be completed within the relevant fiscal year.
The official language of the academic meeting should be English, or Japanese. If the said academic meeting is not held in public or if it is appropriate to consider that the travel expense will be paid by the host, presenter or research supervisor, the support will not be provided.
If some works or trips other than the relevant presentation (joint research and/or educational project, etc.) are combined to the presentation concerned, supportive portion by the program for the proposed presentation expenditures will be determined after some assessment.


(2)Amount of Support
Travel, per diem, accommodation (should be economical such as a bargain fare or a package tour, and besides, within the prescribed limit) and participation expenses to an academic meeting. If participation expenses include reception/banquet expenses and others of the sort, they will not be supported. However, if details of the expenses can be evidenced clearly by way of a letter from the host or public announcement on the website, the portion which is relevant to participating the academic meeting can be supported.
If unnecessary stay before and/or after the support-proposed presentation, and/or trips of personal interest are combined into the academic conference concerned, only the research-related expenditures pursuant to the provisions set forth by the University.
The amount of support will be transferred to your account only after the completion of the proposed event. The Application process officially commences once the Applicant returns to Kumamoto and the Applicant’s completed evidential documents are submitted. However, if the whole process cannot be completed within the FY2016, the proposed cost will not be supported. Please contact us for the details.
Pursuant to the related rules or budget execution management, the support by Kumamoto University Research Project Travel Award may have certain restrictions, and there may be the closure of application acceptance, earlier than the actual end of the fiscal year (because the whole process including the payment and document handling procedures have to be completed sufficiently earlier than the end of the fiscal year).


(3)How to Apply
Use the prescribed form and attach the documents indicated in (4), and submit them to the office in charge . E-mail submission is not acceptable.


Application Form (MS Word 22KB)


(4)Documents to be included with the Application
A. Documents concerning the academic meeting
A copy of the printings and the website articles confirming the date, location and overviews of the programs concerned.


B. Documents concerning the presentation
The detailed program of the academic meeting (the part on which the Applicant’s name and the title of the presentation is shown), a copy of the abstract (including the title and names of all co-authors, body of the abstract), the notification of acceptance or the documents that prove the adoption. If the Applicant is unable to prepare all of the documents at the time of submission of the Application, the documents evidencing that the title was sent to the office of the academic meeting is acceptable (a copy of the abstract that the Applicant sent, and an email about the acceptance from the office of the academic meeting.) In either case, all of the documents listed above must be submitted by no later than one week prior to the Applicant’s departure.


(5)Documents needed to be Submitted after the Application
A. Documents pertaining to travel for the academic meeting
The documents, i.e., receipts or stub of air ticket, which are unable to be submitted with the Application, should be submitted no later than one week after the Applicant returns to Kumamoto. If the Applicant would like to receive support for the expense of attending the academic meeting, the Applicant must submit the appropriate document to evidence that the Applicant paid the participation fee of the academic meeting. If the expense of the academic meeting includes the expense of a party, mixing, banquet or others of the sort, kindly attach the document evidencing the breakdown (should be an official document or in the form of a letter from the host) that shows the net amount of the participation fee.
B. Others
Documents concerning the Applicant’s account to transfer the travel allowance, copy of the passport, or others A/N.


Those who are supported for the academic meetings should submit a report and others shown below to the office, attached to E-mail. The reports and photo will be presented on the IMEG website.
1. Report: In appropriate style
Word Format A4size, 1-2sheets, in English (can be in Japanese)

2. Photo: One photo to be presented on the IMEG website

3. Submission, and Publishing Cost for Papers


①Applicable Papers on Research Achievements
The applicant should be the first author or a corresponding author of with regard to research achievements in compliance with the principles and research contents of Kumamoto University Research Project “International Research Core for Stem Cell-based Developmental Medicine”.

②Amount of Support
Expenses for the paper submission, publication and reprinting.

③How to be paid
In principle, the subsidy will be transferred into applicant’s bank account. If the payment by the applicant has been done by the credit card, the date of withdrawal must be within the 2016 fiscal year and there should be enough time allowed for all the procedures for reimbursement to be completed within the 2016 fiscal year.
In either case, subsidy will not be provided if any one of procedures is not completed before the end of the fiscal year concerned.

④How to apply
Please submit the designated application form to Advanced Research/Education Promotion Division with copies of the pages of the title, abstract and acceptance letter. Submission by email is unacceptable. 

Before submitting the application, contact the office to know the details.

The date which allows enough time for all the payment procedures to be completed within this fiscal fiscal year. Please do not hesitate to contact us, for more details.


Mikiko Takamura
Administration Division of Research Centers for Life Sciences
Kumamoto University
2-2-1, Honjo, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto, 860-0811, Japan
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