International Research Core for Stem Cell-based Developmental Medicine
By Kumamoto University Research Project
“International Research Core for Stem Cell-based Developmental Medicine”

Support for Academic Research Presentations



1. Purpose of the program

Led by Institute of Molecular Embryology and Genetics, with high performance in COE and Advanced Research Project adopted in 2008, as well as Liaison Laboratory-the facilitative platform for multi-disciplinary researchers,  Kumamoto University Research Project “International Research Core for Stem Cell-based Developmental Medicine” strives for research promotion, to materialize Stem Cell-Based Tissue Regeneration and the state-of-the-art Medical and Pharmaceutical development, to build an ideal research educational system that suits the research promotion policy of Kumamoto University, to foster globally competitive young researchers and further sophisticated researches, so as to play a leading role in Life Science evolution of the university.


2. Qualification Requirements

Young researchers who are currently affiliated to the member-laboratories of Kumamoto University Research Project “International Research Core Stem Cell-Based Developmental Medicine”.
(Assistant professors, specially-appointed assistant professors, postdoctoral fellows , or graduate school students, included)


3. Acceptable Research Presentation

Expenses listed below, for research presentation conformed to the purpose of Research Project
(1)Travel, accommodation, per diem and participation expense
The application will be accepted if:
  a)the Applicant is the lead presenter;
  b)the Applicant’s presentation (including poster presentation) will be presented at a domestic or overseas academic meeting; and
  c)the presentation title has been submitted to the office of the academic meeting at the time of the Application.
(2)Submission and publication fees for papers
The application will be accepted if the applicant is the first author or a corresponding author.

Expenses mentioned above are supported within the limits of the budget. If the procedures, payment inclusive, are NOT to be completed within this fiscal year, the support will not be applied. For more details, please refer the appendix.


4. Amount of Supports

(1)Travel, accommodation, per diem and participation expense

They should be economical such as a bargain fare or a package tour, and the supportive amount will be determined according to the University Code of travel award.

(2)Submission and publication fees for papers
Submission, Publication and Reprinting fees for international scholarly journals


5. How to Apply

【How to apply】
Use the prescribed form and attach the required documents, then submit the documents to the office below.

For more details of the required documents, refer to the appendix


Application Form (MS Word 22KB)


【When to apply】
(1)Travel, per diem, accommodation and participation expense
By no later than two weeks prior to departure
(2)Submission, Publishing fees for papers
As soon as completing paper which is eligible for the support.

Consult the office for the support availability before application.



6. Selection

The screening of the application is taken place by the Research Project Committee.


7. Others

The above information is subject to change from time to time as a result of possible future amendments to internal policies, regulations and/or procedures of Kumamoto University and/or its departments and programs.

*For details of this program, please refer to link below.


[Project Contact/Inquiries]
Mikiko Takamura
Administration Division of Research Centers for Life Sciences
Kumamoto University
2-2-1, Honjo, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto, 860-0811, Japan
E-mail: m-takamura* (replace * with @)