CORRE affiliated to IMEG

Center for Organ Regeneration Research (CORRE)

―Translating the findings of basic research To bedside―

The Center for Organ Regeneration Research (CORRE) was established in April 2012, as a facility attached to IMEG.


The next generation of medicine Pushing for progress in organ regeneration research


The Center for Organ Regeneration Research (CORRE) represents a new framework for the work undertaken at IMEG. It is intended to be a hub where the findings of research carried out in the field of developmental medicine thus far can be accumulated, integrated, and applied to further research on organ (re)generation for potential future use in clinical applications, as well as a body that can act as a bridge between basic research and clinical settings such as the university hospital.


CORRE will place at its foundation the research, education, and medical practice already established at IMEG and other life sciences-related departments at the university, and build upon that foundation to conduct basic and applied research focused on the ultimate goal of the regeneration of organs used for energy synthesis, regulation, and excretion (e.g., pancreas, liver, and kidneys). CORRE will also be part of the Joint Usage / Research Center system authorized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan.


CORRE will work to support the broad range of related research being conducted in Japan at present, from basic to clinical, and will also put in place a strong program of education and training.